Informal IIFET 2018 Running Group + Ideas

IIFET 2018 is full of runners and the sun is up by 5:30am so why not join new and old friends for a run?

Thanks very much to Dan Talhelm for organzing the following information and morning meetings for runners.  Happy running!

There will be no official races or runs at IIFET/Seattle, but Dan Talhelm, Sean Pascoe and some others are planning to run at 6:00am each morning, Monday-Friday. They invite all IIFET participants and guests to run with them. They will assemble adjacent to Lander Hall dorm at the corner of 40th St and Brooklyn Ave and start from there at 6:00. The group will start together and will optionally gather again at the finish, but will split into various individual paces during the runs. Parking is available at a parking lot a short block west on 40th and Cowlitz Rd, though the entrance to that lot is off Cowlitz, on the side opposite 40th.

 There are no IIFET meeting sessions Monday morning, so runners will run on Burke-Gilman trail eastward as far as they wish for a long run. Below is a schedule of runs with links to maps. Dan Talhelm will also bring printed maps to hand out each morning. If you are concerned about getting lost, copy the day's map to your phone or pick up a printed map at the start. You can always run a shorter distance if you wish by turning around part way along the course. For further information, contact Dan Talhelm at (text: 517-896-0971).

Monday: Burke-Gilman trail eastward & back for long runs.

The Burke-Gilman Trail crosses Brooklyn a long block south of where we meet by Lander Hall. It runs along the canal on the south edge of campus, then goes north on the east side of campus and around the lake. It also goes west about 4-5 miles to the sound, then north along the shore for a mile or so, so that is another option.


Tuesday: Interlaken - Arboreteum Loop (6 mi) (Run clockwise rather than counterclockwise)

Wednesday: Intervals at Montlake Playfields dirt track (3 miles on track plus 1 1/4 mile each to and from as warm-up/cool-down). Cross Montlake Bridge and follow trails southwest about a quarter mile to the track.

Thursday: Green Lake Lollipop (7 miles)

Friday: Lake Union Loop (7 miles)

(Local runner / biker Alan's note: Seattle has three bike share companies (LimebikeOfo, and Spin) that place bikes throughout the city and you can ride a bike for $1 for 1/2 hour or a little more for an e-bike.  Download the apps if you are interested.  These will easy to find on these routes so you could easily combine a walk / ride.  You can also quickly lyft/uber back from any of these locations. Also, you can jump into either Green Lake or Lake Washington by stadium if you'd like a swim.)

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